Memory Fades


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ngs of Lokolof▓f in Kishinef be immediately reported an▓d his exile to the north decreed.Prince● Urussoff himself visited Lokoloff in pr▓ison, and made him acquainted▓ with Plehve's message, where●upon Lokoloff wrote a protocol in answer to ▓four charges based upon data furni●shed by the gendarmes, as follows (th●e accusation is given first and is fol▓lowed by Lokoloff's answer):● [Pg 222] I.It is asserted that yo●u have come to Kishinef in a professi●onal capacity, with the ostensible purpose● of affording legal assistan●c

e to the injured parties, but in r▓eality to carry on, in conjunction wi▓th other persons whose activity in opposition to● the government is well known, a privat▓e

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investigation parallel with the l▓egal one, to incite the Jews to make● biased statements, serviceable t▓o the purposes of the opposition, and ●to bring forward groundless complaints. ●Answer.Yes, I have carried on ●an investigation, and in so doing have?/p>

?only discharged my duty.It is not ●forbidden in our country to conduct ●investigation openly or secretly.My▓ course of action was dictated solely b▓y the interests of my clients and the inadequa●te official investigation.Very rich m●en took part in the disturbances; bu●t the official in

vestigation detected o▓nly poor ones as the accused.The interests of● the injured persons, however, dem●and that the rich culprits also be brought● to justice.The investigation made by me wa●s no secre

t.The governor, the state attorn▓ey, the court of appeal, and the county c●ourt knew of it; and I recei▓ved my information in regard ▓to the disturbances from inhabitants of ▓the city.In order to secure th▓is information, I